ADULTEROUS Couple Dramatically STUCK Together During INTERCOURSE

A 44-year-old Harare man was dramatically fixed to a 38-year-old married woman during sexual intercourse – the couple is now being looked after at a Harare police station awaiting the anticipated arrival of the woman’s husband from South Africa.
According to Zimdiaspora, the adulterous couple are rigidly attached together through their private parts and the woman’s husband is said to be holding the secret of this episode that has stunned local police and the neighborhood of Zimre Park Ruwa, Harare where they both stay in their respective houses. At the time of going to Press, the couple had been stuck for 48 hours.
Commentators said medical science cannot intervene as it would mean cutting off the man’s penis and could endanger the lives of both of them.
Police and eyewitnesses said the man who remains stuck to the woman is a local businessman and has been pleading for help promising to pay large sums of money to anyone who could unbolt him from the married woman. The businessman is also married, it was said. It is unclear whether his wife has been informed.
Sources said police rung up the woman’s husband last night but had not indicated when he would arrive in Harare, instead saying he was busy at work and needed to apply for an annual leave from his employers first, a process that can take days.
Sources claim that word reached the woman’s husband in South Africa that she was being unfaithful to him. It is said the man then came down to Zimbabwe recently and sought a traditional healer to provide him with “mubobobo” a common Shona traditional muti to trap an unfaithful wife.
Usually, to be unbolted the husband demands a herd of up to five cows. “The stuck man has even been promising people new cars if they could help him. He is pleading with anyone who goes to see them in that position. Its really a shameful scene, “ source who have visited the stuck couple said.


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