In what appears to be a norm in Zambian society of late, another video has leaked in which Lunte Member of Parliament (MP) Felix Mutati and a former female cabinet minister (Name withheld but she is a Parliamentarian) in the MMD regime are seen bonking, having sex with each other at a lodge in Kasama, Tumfweko understands.

The video which was filmed at Sinamu lodge in Kasama has been confiscated by the police investigation unit (PIO) but a copy was duplicated and Tumfweko understands that officers from office of the president (OP) in Kasama are aware about the development.
Sources familiar with the development have disclosed that undercover cameras were planted in the lodge room to film the allegedly video after it became evident that the pair were in the act each time there were in Kasama.

‘There is a video of Mr Mutati and a former female Cabinet Minister having a romp in a lodge. It could even beat the recent ones released on our college campuses’ ‘Officers from the office of the president know about this and it is not surprising that Mutati is behind the divorce that Lusaka man wants to do on his wife. Here is the video so that you proof what I am saying…’ disclosed the sources.

The sources disclosed that if Mutati was in opposition that time and not in the ruling MMD, the video could have gone public.
‘He was saved because he was in MMD and that was why the OP quickly came in and settled the dust otherwise, we have dirty cobwebs in our country especially our public office bearers,’ said the source. Mr Mutati has been cited as the cause of a ‘marriage break up’ in which a lusaka business Van Der Vort has filed for divorce because his wife (Agness Katwishi Bwalya) is allegedly to be having a love affair with Mutati. Mutati who is Lunte parliamentarian is married to Grace Mutati a doctor.


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