Is MPOMBO Clean ??

George Mpombo
George Mpombo

Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili says former defence minister George Mpombo was cleared by the courts and can be appointed to any office. He said this amid controversy that Mr. Mpombo had been rejected by the Nigerian government as a deputy commissioner in that country. Mr Kambwili told the Daily Nation yesterday that Mr. Mpombo who was convicted by a lower court was later cleared of the charges by higher court.

The Ndola Magistrates Court convicted Mr Mpombo on one count of dishonouring a cheque amounting to K10 million to 60 days simple imprisonment in August 2010. Magistrate Kelvin Limbani said the court had taken note of Mr Mpombo’s evidence that he had by December 17, 2009 phoned Mr Terence Findlay of Colwyn Limited and asked him not to deposit the cheque the following day since he had cash at hand.

But Mr. Kambwili said that Mr. Mpombo was later cleared of the charge by the high court. And sources in the ministry of foreign affairs said that Mr Mpombo was about to leave for Nigeria as a deputy high commissioner contrary to earlier reports that he had been rejected. The source said Mr. Mpombo was going in the acting capacity as high commissioner and will later be promoted as a full High Commissioner.

Mr Mpombo’s appointment has stirred mixed feelings amongst members of the public. Prior to the run up to September 20 presidential elections Mr. Mpombo campaigned and supported President Sata. The appointment of Mr Mpombo is therefore seen as a pay back gesture by Mr Sata.


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