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If you spot any of these men trying to enter your life, think twice before trying to build a relationship with them. And do not convince yourself that you will change them. It is much easier to move on to a really good man than to try to make things work with one of their kind.

Mama’s boy
So attached to his mother. He behaves like a child; always telling you how his mother used to prepare special food and juice for him every Sunday, as if you never had a mother.

If you are supposed to go for a date and his mother calls him home to cut her fence, he will first go and cut his mother’s fence. In his life, it is mother first then you second. So, unless you are ready to compete for his attention with his mum, you are better off kicking him out.

The flirt

Do you really want to be angry and spend sleepless nights? When he sees a hot girl, for that matter, any decent girl, out come the pick-up and flattery lines. He always wants to be seen as a gentleman and does things to get the girls’ attention.

If you try to stop him, he will think you are being jealous and want to control his life. He is not even embarrassed to flirt with your closest friends and sisters. He will have the audacity to say there is no harm in flirting. But, we all know how many flings and affairs start out with flirting.

Such a man is not worth your time. With a man like this one, you will always look over your shoulder, wondering who is next in line for his attention.
Should you play him at his own game, and flirt with guys around, you will not believe the anger that will emerge in him.

The party animal
It is okay to go out and have fun every now and then, but this kind of man wants to make everyday a party and he parties hard. When a man has a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than to spend quality time with him, why in the world would he want to be out there all the time?

Is it really worth it to continue dating him? If he was really intent on committing to you, then he really has no reason to spend all of his time out.

Negative attitude
Everything he says comes out negative. He is always criticising you. When you put on short dresses, he says you cannot dress like that in public.

If you wear the long ones, he avoids you. He will never appreciate who you are, yet he is quick to compliment the other girls in the neighbourhood. What are you still doing with him?

The selfish egotist
It is his world and you just happen to live in it. Which means you hang with his friends, visit his family.

Every aspect of your relationship will be dictated by his quest to fulfill his own needs. This type is also bossy and will not help with any chores. He will lounge on the couch, flipping through TV channels or checking out his Facebook page if he has a smart phone. When he comes home with visitors without letting you know in advance, he expects you to take it all in stride and host them. Worse still, be prepared to meet the bills half-way with this one.

If that is what you are prepared for, by all means stay, if not, find a man who can balance being all-man and yet have no time to make you feel like you are his world.

The player
Are there really any kind words for this one? If you find out that the man you are interested in has a string of girls, do not wait for the heartbreak.
He is not about to change. Even if he finally agrees to marry you, expect that he will cheat on you.


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