Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) from MMD who accepted positions from president Sata betrayed the party and the electorate and therefore deserve to be dumped, MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said.

And some Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament (MPs) have revealed that the move by President Sata to appoint deputy ministers from the opposition MMD was a mere gimmick which intended to create an impression of an inclusive government, but that this was no longer necessary as it had passed the budget and other contentious Bills.

Mr Nyangu said as a party they will not accept the MPs because they have brought the party to ridicule. He said he was aware of the plans by Mr. Sata to maintain his party members in government and get rid of all of the appointees from the opposition. “We are going to dump these guys so that they know that we are no longer interested in them. Why should we have them in the party?” he said.

He said UPND MPs were much principled than the MPs from his party that accepted positions out of self interest. Mr Nyangu said as a party they have settled on staying with people that respect the principles of the party. “The secretariat is being blamed for their actions because they are being disloyal to the party that sponsored them. MMD sponsored these guys and these are collective decisions that are made by the party,” he said.

And the PF MPs told the Daily Nation on condition of anonymity said that the MMD deputy ministers will be fired in due course as the move by President Sata was pure window-dressing. A PF MP in Luapula Province said the party was not worried with the appointments because that was the only way PF would have more members to depend on when it comes to contentious issues in Parliament. “Now that Parliament has adjourned sine die, more of MMD MPs are still asking for jobs and are trying by all means to lobby State House for consideration,” he said.

He said as members of the PF that fought hard for the party to be where it was today, the inclusion of outsiders into government did not worry them much as in due course they will be rewarded for their efforts. “That’s Mr Sata we know him. He told us not to be worried and soon the ‘foreigners’ will be kicked out. He will just maintain party members only,” he explained.

And a Lusaka female MP echoed her colleague’s sentiments saying that although she was given a ministerial position, she knew President Sata was unreliable person who could change his mind any time. “Nishi Chilufya ulya (that Chilufya’s father) he changes his mind any time even if certain things have been agreed upon. So these MMD MPs must get used to his character,” she said. She said though the president was empowered by Parliament to appoint a member of the opposition to a particular post, he has done it systematically because he wants to weaken the numbers in that party and have more MPs in Parliament.

“You can ask those he worked with when he was Member of Parliament for Kabwata. They must have a better story to tell about our president. These appointees must be on the lookout because anything can happen to them at any time,” she advised. She said most of these people were accepting jobs out of personal interest than that of the people who voted for them. The MP said the people that President Sata has appointed were those he can easily manipulate to his wishes.


3 Responses to MMD Cry FOUL “MMD MPs In PF Govt Are TRAITORS And They DERSERVE To Be DUMPED”

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