Lusaka’s FINDECO house, the country’s tallest building, has for the sixth day continued to operate without water.

Lusaka Water and sewerage on Thursday last week cut off water supply from the country’s tallest building after failure by National Housing Authority failed to settle the water bill.

A National Housing Authority employee has told that the water utility company was left with no option but to cut water supply to the country’s tallest building when they came through on Thursday last week in an attempt to recover what is owed to them.

The employee who spoke on condition of anonymity accused NHA management of being selfish and irresponsible saying there is no way that a building such as FINDECO can operate with no water because it houses a lot of companies and added that a disease outbreak would quickly spread.

He added that the tallest building also almost had its electricity supply cut off last week because of suspected failure to settle the bills.

He wondered where all the money that NHA realizes from rentals at FINDECO goes to because there has been no tenant that is left alone for failure to settle rentals adding that many tenants have had their property auctioned off for failing to pay rentals.

A check revealed that the building still has no water supply as a pungent smell engulfed the building thereby posing a risk of cholera outbreak.


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