A Lusaka Business man of Chawama Compound has been slapped with a Six Months imprisonment in default and 30 days of community service by the Lusaka Magistrate Court for stealing money amounting to K6,000. Standing before Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda was Robert Siame charged with one count of theft contrary to section 272 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Facts before the court were that Siame did steal money amounting to K6,000 from a complainant Shella Moono Bwalya’s Shop in Chawama compound after purporting to have been buying rice from the same shop.

iame admitted the charge and pleaded for leniency. In passing the sentence, Magistrate Banda said Siame is an able bodied man with the capacity to work as opposed to engaging in stealing as a means for survival. Magistrate Banda further cautioned Siame not to take advantage of hunger to justify his action and therefore slapped him with a 30 days community service sentence and six months imprisonment in default.


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