Mtendere Man Dies As College Girl Gives Him Sweet Sex

In march this year we saw it happen in Malawi where a man died whilst busy doing his thing. This Time it seems to be another time that a man identified as James Chipoya  died while having sex with a college girl in Mtendere in Lusaka. A good number of men and women including children gathered  at a house believed to be James’ sister’s place where the girl was kept for her safety. Sources revealed that the girl just started screaming for help and when she saw that no one was coming she rushed to the road half naked which caught everyone’s attention. That was when she had told everyone that James just managed his first round before going into her for the second time he just gave a loud sigh and passed on. When people rushed to the scene to see James who was just in his birth suite they realized he was dead. Then soon neighbors managed to look for transport to take the man’s body to UTH and then repored the matter to the relevant authorities.


1, Before sex ask your partner if he/she has had sex before.

2, Find out if they have any heart/Blood pressure issues these are the common issues associated with sex as the heart beats fastest during intercourse and the blood pressure is at peak.

Disclaimer: These are are personal tips and will not guarantee full safety, ask your local doctor for full information.


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