PF MP Tells Off Losing UPND Aspiring Area MP “Commence CIVICS Night School LESSONS”

CHAWAMA Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Edgar Lungu has asked Morgan Munda- the UPND candidate he beat in the September elections- to start attending civics night school lessons because his understanding of government operations is still not up-to-date.

Reacting to Munda who recently charged that he is more of a globetrotter than an MP, Lungu who is also the deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President said Munga does not comprehend issues that concern the running of the country. He advised Munga to avoid making baseless statements.

Lungu said his outing to China which Munga alleges was a globetrotting exercises was in fact a government assignment. “You see, I am not only an MP, I am also a Minister. So, those trips where he is saying I move around every day, it’s because the Vice President told me I should go there. You know, I can’t refuse. I just have to go. That’s the way it is,” Lungu said adding, “So, when you look at Morgan, he is a man who does not understand how government operates…how the running of the country is done. He needs some updates.” Lungu also advised Munga to start attending night school lessons saying doing so would enhance his understanding of government operations.

“Those things Morgan is saying…he is just exposing his ignorance about government operations. I suggest he starts attending night school lessons specifically civics lessons. He should then take his civics very seriously. That’s when he will get to have a good understanding of things,” Munda said.

Recently, Munda charged that Lungu had betrayed the people of Chawama as he was rarely found in the constituency.
Munda added that Lungu spends all his time travelling around the world instead of attending to the problems his constituency was faced with.  In the September elections, Munda who resides within Chawama stood on the UPND ticket but lost out to Lungu- a PF candidate who hails from New Kasama Township. The issue of residency sparked a quarrel between the two during the election campaigns.


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