UPND Tells Off SATA “He Is Behaving Like King David, UPND MP’s Are NOT For POACHING”

OPPOSITION UPND will not allow its Members of Parliament (MPs) to be included in President Michael Sata’s government.
UPND national Secretary Winston Chibwe said allowing MPs from the opposition to accept cabinet positions from President Michael Sata would weaken both the democratic principals of the nation and the effective systems of offering checks and balances to government.

And Mr. Chibwe says the constitution committee of expert set up by President Sata is still illegal because there was no law backing its existence. In an interview, Mr. Chibwe said it was important for the people of Zambia to benefit from quality leadership with a meaningful developmental plan without any duress exerted to those executing the system.“The most important thing about working together you don’t go and pick individuals you have to consult form the other party, you negotiate with the sponsor of the people you want to include in your government, not to just pick individuals like the way the PF government is doing.”Mr. Chibwe said its members belonged to an institution which had a different ideology on governance and the rule of law.He said UPND would not be auctioned to the ruling PF for the sake of jobs in government.

“These Members of Parliament do not belong to themselves, they belong to the institution and that institution has a major role to play. It is only the UPND which has the authority to give them a person to work with not them picking,” Mr. Chibwe.He said UPND had not been approached because from its inception it had made its position known for parties that wanted to work with it.Mr. Chibwe said President Sata was behaving like King David in the ancient days in the Bible in 2 Samuel Chapter 12 where he took people from other tribes leaving his own because they were incapable.“President Sata doesn’t have people to work with in the PF because of their low calibre; he doesn’t have people who are prepared to run government with him, people who helped him win an election are complaining, the issue of more money in the pocket is not yet attainable, people among them youths are still unemployed as he has failed to create any single job.”He said people who had helped President Sata win the election were slowly running away from him because were not considered for any jobs.And Mr. Chibwe insisted that President Sata’s committee of expert on the constitution was still illegal because it was not backed by the law.He said the committee was not of experts but a group of people assigned to deliver Sata constitution.“The composition that has been constituted by Mr. Sata falls short of inclusiveness and it will not deliver what is expected of the people of Zambia, he has come out to say that he is balancing up brains not regions or tribes but you should know that there are things which are sensitive with regards to the constitutional making process,” he said.id there was no way President Sata would insult the people of Zambia over suggesting that he would only work with people with brains.The Oasis Forum a body comprising of the Law Association of Zambia, Zambia Episcope Conference, Christian Council of Zambia, The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and the Non Governmental Coordinating Council have expressed concern in the manner the committee of experts has been tailored.


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