President Sata

Speaking at State House yesterday when he met all diplomats accredited to Zambia, President Sata said the government wanted to see economic benefits trickle down to the poor. This was the first time President Sata met all diplomats accredited to Zambia since he was sworn in as the country’s fifth President on September 23, last year.

President Sata

President Sata

“The PF government will continue to play its part by engaging in a relentless fight against corruption in order to ensure that economic gains trickle down to the average person. I am pleased to note that our strong stance against corruption has received support from most of our cooperating partners,” he said. The president further stated that he will not act too fast in like he did with Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was believed to be apart of the DEC gold scandal but has been cleared of all allegations.

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

President Sata further urged the diplomats to support his government’s resolve to implement projects outlined in the Sixth National Development Plan such as infrastructure and industrial development. President Sata said his government would continue to fight poverty by creating employment. On the United Nations reforms, President Sata expressed concern that Africa’s request for representation at the UN Security Council was not being considered quickly. “In this regard, we would like to urge the international community to expedite the process of UN reforms,” said President Sata.

And speaking on behalf of all the diplomats, Botswana High Commissioner to Zambia Tuelonyana Oliphant said Zambia’s peaceful record had provided a conducive environment for their operations.  “We are also happy with the manner in which the government has embraced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a means to create employment and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Zambians. We are thankful for the peace and stability prevailing in the country which provides a conducive and positive environment in our daily operations as diplomats based in Zambia,” said High Commissioner Oliphant.


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