DEC clears Mulenga Sata

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has cleared President Michael Sata’s son, Mulenga over allegations that he acquired two luxury motor vehicles at a total cost of K1.8 billion.

DEC Commissioner, Alita Mbahwe, said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the allegations made through an online publication by Committee of Citizens executive director, Gregory Chifire were not true.

Ms Mbahwe said people should not be making unsubstantiated allegations as the aggrieved person may seek civil litigation.

She explained that investigations revealed that one of the vehicles, a Jeep, which was believed to have been acquired at K1 billion, does not belong to Mr Mulenga Sata.

The Jeep, registration number ALB 9988, belongs to Mr Chishala Karabasis.

“The other vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, registration number ABT 5000, which was alleged to be worth K800 million, is in fact a second hand vehicle which Mr Mulenga Sata bought on hire purchase at US$ 25,000 (about K127 million).

“We, therefore, implore whistle blowers and members of the public in general, to be coming in confidence and report any suspected criminal offence to the commission or any other law enforcement agency, and not through the media,” she said.

Ms Mbahwe said when Mr Chifire appeared before DEC officers last year, he gave a statement that was different from the story that he gave to the online publication.

“However, under the Laws of Zambia, there is no criminal offence that Mr Chifire committed as his allegations were made to the public through online publication and not to any public officer,” she said.

Last year, Mr Chifire alleged that Mr Mulenga Sata had acquired two luxury vehicles within a short period that his father became president.

Mr Chifire said Mr Mulenga Sata could not have afforded to buy the two vehicles and implied that he may have acquired them under questionable circumstances.


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