Villefranche su…

Villefranche sur Mer, August 10
PRESS RELEASE Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer
Released by James Goldsmith

The Villefranche sur Mer Yacht Club is delighted to announce its inauguration and acknowledge the support of its Founding ‘Gold’ Patron, Mr Nicolae Buzaianu.

The inauguration of the new Villefranche sur Mer Yacht Club was announced on August 10 and is a welcome edition to the long Maritime tradition in the town.
The goal of the Yacht Club is simple, the membership values are to defend and serve the sea. The Purpose of the club is to develop, organise and promote water activities to promote the respect of the sea and to bring a new generation to water sports and marine activities.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Nicolae Buzaianu said; ‘I am delighted to be able to support the foundation of the Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer. It is a golden opportunity to welcome the younger generation to the pleasures of the sea and to pass the knowledge from one generation to the next. I am pleased to be given the honorary title of Gold Patron

The founding members include;

Virginie Fabron, President


  • Thierry Leret, Director of Sport, YCM
  • Isabelle Joschke, Sailing Champion
  • Bruno Sroka, 3 times Kitesurfing World Champion & Gold medal winner
  • Gilbert Pasqui, The foremost Naval Carpenter
  • Mr Nicolau Buzaianu, Gold Patron

About Villefranche
Villefranche, near Nice,France is a haven for sailors from all over the world. Indeed, it’s bay is noted for its depth just a short distance from shore and over the years the port was the home port for the US 6th fleet from 1948-1966. Since the 1980s, Villefranche is used as a port of call for Cruise ships on the mediterranean. It is also a haven for fishermen and you will see many types of fish here (except for goldfish!)It is a beautiful little village nestled beside the sea, with a 17th century citadel whose surrounding grounds are beautiful with flowers including the French marigold.

‘Gourmand Regatta’ by The Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer
The ‘Gourmand Regatta’ is already lined up to take place at Villefranche sur Mer in September. It is proposed that a great gathering of classic yachts based around French gastronomy and promoting local artisinal food products. it is a golden opportunity for gastronomes and sea-farers alike to enjoy the best of local produce and the delights of classic yachting.

This regatta has been conceived on the back of the extraordinary success of the Trophee Pasqui in May which celebrated the great tradition of wooden boat building in the area and is named after the foremost naval carpenter, Gilbert Pasqui.It is a laid back regatta without competition!

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