DEC clears Mulenga Sata

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has cleared President Michael Sata’s son, Mulenga over allegations that he acquired two luxury motor vehicles at a total cost of K1.8 billion.

DEC Commissioner, Alita Mbahwe, said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the allegations made through an online publication by Committee of Citizens executive director, Gregory Chifire were not true.

Ms Mbahwe said people should not be making unsubstantiated allegations as the aggrieved person may seek civil litigation.

She explained that investigations revealed that one of the vehicles, a Jeep, which was believed to have been acquired at K1 billion, does not belong to Mr Mulenga Sata.

The Jeep, registration number ALB 9988, belongs to Mr Chishala Karabasis.

“The other vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, registration number ABT 5000, which was alleged to be worth K800 million, is in fact a second hand vehicle which Mr Mulenga Sata bought on hire purchase at US$ 25,000 (about K127 million).

“We, therefore, implore whistle blowers and members of the public in general, to be coming in confidence and report any suspected criminal offence to the commission or any other law enforcement agency, and not through the media,” she said.

Ms Mbahwe said when Mr Chifire appeared before DEC officers last year, he gave a statement that was different from the story that he gave to the online publication.

“However, under the Laws of Zambia, there is no criminal offence that Mr Chifire committed as his allegations were made to the public through online publication and not to any public officer,” she said.

Last year, Mr Chifire alleged that Mr Mulenga Sata had acquired two luxury vehicles within a short period that his father became president.

Mr Chifire said Mr Mulenga Sata could not have afforded to buy the two vehicles and implied that he may have acquired them under questionable circumstances.


President Sata

Speaking at State House yesterday when he met all diplomats accredited to Zambia, President Sata said the government wanted to see economic benefits trickle down to the poor. This was the first time President Sata met all diplomats accredited to Zambia since he was sworn in as the country’s fifth President on September 23, last year.

President Sata

President Sata

“The PF government will continue to play its part by engaging in a relentless fight against corruption in order to ensure that economic gains trickle down to the average person. I am pleased to note that our strong stance against corruption has received support from most of our cooperating partners,” he said. The president further stated that he will not act too fast in like he did with Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was believed to be apart of the DEC gold scandal but has been cleared of all allegations.

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

President Sata further urged the diplomats to support his government’s resolve to implement projects outlined in the Sixth National Development Plan such as infrastructure and industrial development. President Sata said his government would continue to fight poverty by creating employment. On the United Nations reforms, President Sata expressed concern that Africa’s request for representation at the UN Security Council was not being considered quickly. “In this regard, we would like to urge the international community to expedite the process of UN reforms,” said President Sata.

And speaking on behalf of all the diplomats, Botswana High Commissioner to Zambia Tuelonyana Oliphant said Zambia’s peaceful record had provided a conducive environment for their operations.  “We are also happy with the manner in which the government has embraced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a means to create employment and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Zambians. We are thankful for the peace and stability prevailing in the country which provides a conducive and positive environment in our daily operations as diplomats based in Zambia,” said High Commissioner Oliphant.


A Lusaka Business man of Chawama Compound has been slapped with a Six Months imprisonment in default and 30 days of community service by the Lusaka Magistrate Court for stealing money amounting to K6,000. Standing before Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda was Robert Siame charged with one count of theft contrary to section 272 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Facts before the court were that Siame did steal money amounting to K6,000 from a complainant Shella Moono Bwalya’s Shop in Chawama compound after purporting to have been buying rice from the same shop.

iame admitted the charge and pleaded for leniency. In passing the sentence, Magistrate Banda said Siame is an able bodied man with the capacity to work as opposed to engaging in stealing as a means for survival. Magistrate Banda further cautioned Siame not to take advantage of hunger to justify his action and therefore slapped him with a 30 days community service sentence and six months imprisonment in default.


And former Commerce Minister Felix Mutati has advised President Michael Sata to apologise to Zambians for lying that he will develop Zambia in 90 days. Kunda said the PF has turned Zambia into a police state with no regard to the rule of law. He said President Sata has even failed to honour his promises he made to Zambians that will deliver a people driven constitution in 90 days.

President Sata

President Sata

Kunda said the manner in which the constitution making process is controversial and warned that those against the roadmap will de-campaign the process at a later stage. He said the ongoing constitution making process lacks legal mandate adding that the process is headed for failure. Kunda was speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday, jointly held with former Commerce Minister Felix Mutati and Dr. Musokotwane.

And Mutati has advised President Michael Sata to apologise to Zambians for lying that he will develop Zambia in 90 days. He said the honourable thing for President Sata is to apologise to Zambians for lying to them using the 90 day promise. Meanwhile, former Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane advised the PF government to change its mindset and focus on delivering on their promises.

PF MP Tells Off Losing UPND Aspiring Area MP “Commence CIVICS Night School LESSONS”

CHAWAMA Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Edgar Lungu has asked Morgan Munda- the UPND candidate he beat in the September elections- to start attending civics night school lessons because his understanding of government operations is still not up-to-date.

Reacting to Munda who recently charged that he is more of a globetrotter than an MP, Lungu who is also the deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President said Munga does not comprehend issues that concern the running of the country. He advised Munga to avoid making baseless statements.

Lungu said his outing to China which Munga alleges was a globetrotting exercises was in fact a government assignment. “You see, I am not only an MP, I am also a Minister. So, those trips where he is saying I move around every day, it’s because the Vice President told me I should go there. You know, I can’t refuse. I just have to go. That’s the way it is,” Lungu said adding, “So, when you look at Morgan, he is a man who does not understand how government operates…how the running of the country is done. He needs some updates.” Lungu also advised Munga to start attending night school lessons saying doing so would enhance his understanding of government operations.

“Those things Morgan is saying…he is just exposing his ignorance about government operations. I suggest he starts attending night school lessons specifically civics lessons. He should then take his civics very seriously. That’s when he will get to have a good understanding of things,” Munda said.

Recently, Munda charged that Lungu had betrayed the people of Chawama as he was rarely found in the constituency.
Munda added that Lungu spends all his time travelling around the world instead of attending to the problems his constituency was faced with.  In the September elections, Munda who resides within Chawama stood on the UPND ticket but lost out to Lungu- a PF candidate who hails from New Kasama Township. The issue of residency sparked a quarrel between the two during the election campaigns.

UPND Tells Off SATA “He Is Behaving Like King David, UPND MP’s Are NOT For POACHING”

OPPOSITION UPND will not allow its Members of Parliament (MPs) to be included in President Michael Sata’s government.
UPND national Secretary Winston Chibwe said allowing MPs from the opposition to accept cabinet positions from President Michael Sata would weaken both the democratic principals of the nation and the effective systems of offering checks and balances to government.

And Mr. Chibwe says the constitution committee of expert set up by President Sata is still illegal because there was no law backing its existence. In an interview, Mr. Chibwe said it was important for the people of Zambia to benefit from quality leadership with a meaningful developmental plan without any duress exerted to those executing the system.“The most important thing about working together you don’t go and pick individuals you have to consult form the other party, you negotiate with the sponsor of the people you want to include in your government, not to just pick individuals like the way the PF government is doing.”Mr. Chibwe said its members belonged to an institution which had a different ideology on governance and the rule of law.He said UPND would not be auctioned to the ruling PF for the sake of jobs in government.

“These Members of Parliament do not belong to themselves, they belong to the institution and that institution has a major role to play. It is only the UPND which has the authority to give them a person to work with not them picking,” Mr. Chibwe.He said UPND had not been approached because from its inception it had made its position known for parties that wanted to work with it.Mr. Chibwe said President Sata was behaving like King David in the ancient days in the Bible in 2 Samuel Chapter 12 where he took people from other tribes leaving his own because they were incapable.“President Sata doesn’t have people to work with in the PF because of their low calibre; he doesn’t have people who are prepared to run government with him, people who helped him win an election are complaining, the issue of more money in the pocket is not yet attainable, people among them youths are still unemployed as he has failed to create any single job.”He said people who had helped President Sata win the election were slowly running away from him because were not considered for any jobs.And Mr. Chibwe insisted that President Sata’s committee of expert on the constitution was still illegal because it was not backed by the law.He said the committee was not of experts but a group of people assigned to deliver Sata constitution.“The composition that has been constituted by Mr. Sata falls short of inclusiveness and it will not deliver what is expected of the people of Zambia, he has come out to say that he is balancing up brains not regions or tribes but you should know that there are things which are sensitive with regards to the constitutional making process,” he there was no way President Sata would insult the people of Zambia over suggesting that he would only work with people with brains.The Oasis Forum a body comprising of the Law Association of Zambia, Zambia Episcope Conference, Christian Council of Zambia, The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and the Non Governmental Coordinating Council have expressed concern in the manner the committee of experts has been tailored.

Mtendere Man Dies As College Girl Gives Him Sweet Sex

In march this year we saw it happen in Malawi where a man died whilst busy doing his thing. This Time it seems to be another time that a man identified as James Chipoya  died while having sex with a college girl in Mtendere in Lusaka. A good number of men and women including children gathered  at a house believed to be James’ sister’s place where the girl was kept for her safety. Sources revealed that the girl just started screaming for help and when she saw that no one was coming she rushed to the road half naked which caught everyone’s attention. That was when she had told everyone that James just managed his first round before going into her for the second time he just gave a loud sigh and passed on. When people rushed to the scene to see James who was just in his birth suite they realized he was dead. Then soon neighbors managed to look for transport to take the man’s body to UTH and then repored the matter to the relevant authorities.


1, Before sex ask your partner if he/she has had sex before.

2, Find out if they have any heart/Blood pressure issues these are the common issues associated with sex as the heart beats fastest during intercourse and the blood pressure is at peak.

Disclaimer: These are are personal tips and will not guarantee full safety, ask your local doctor for full information.